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ShoutOut: Natalie Pinder, The Body Shop at Home

Body Shop at Home and Bibbity Bow Boutique

Natalie is a Northowram based consultant for The Body Shop at Home. Her customer service is fantastic, and you can tell she really knows her stuff when it comes to Body Shop products. The Body Shop at Home offers a fantastic range of cruelty free skin and beauty products and often has excellent gift selections for men and women alike, so if you are looking for a Father’s Day treat head over to Natalie’s Facebook group to pop her a message and I’m sure she will be able to recommend aftershaves, foot treatments and scents that will be a delight for dads.

As well as being able to shop in your PJ’s, Body Shop at Home also offers the option for you to host parties in your own home where you can come away with some wonderful rewards and discounts whilst enjoying a glass of wine or nibbles with friends.

Here at Bibbity Bow Boutique, we feel it’s really important to work with local suppliers and our neighbours as much as possible so, coming up soon we are extremely pleased to say that Natalie has agreed to run a little promotion with us. We will be giving away £5 promo codes for use online here at to anyone who places a Body Shop at Home order with Natalie next week (between the 11th and 17th of June 2018). Hope this little added bonus will make your order with Natalie even more of a treat and we hope to see some of those £5 OFF vouchers being spent soon (They’ll last until the 30th of June 2018).

xoxo From Bibbity

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